For Easter, Maison Budget will become the home of witches!

Ou trouver chocolat pâques Londres
Issued by Laurent Collin | On 03/27/2021 at 1:02 pm | Updated on 03/27/2021 at 13:16

In London, guess who has the power to turn your preferences into chocolate chickens, eggs or rabbits? Who has the power to allow you to celebrate Easter the French way?

We’re all stuck on this side of the channel (for a few more weeks), but there’s no reason to clear it up… or dark chocolate. No more jokes, but no peace for candies!

Maison Budget offers you the perfect dessert, thanks to a delicious collaboration with Walrona Chocolates from Dine-L Hermitage. Get your little chocolate chocolate fries, spring treats (the brand’s most popular crisp: cereals coated in chocolate) and essential little eggs wrapped in colored aluminum foil. The best Easter classic is already here!

Frying rabbits, chickens, chocolate eggs, limited edition

Our Taste Craftsmen are already at work who will allow you to celebrate Easter because you want to be with your kids. Using special molds, they fill the Notting Hill site with Easter chocolates in the form of chicken, eggs or rabbit. Always with real Walrona chocolate.

What is the egg on the pastry side?

If the Maison Budget turns into a chocolate factory in a few days, it will, above all, as you know, Bakery – The pastry shop in London has been established for three years. Our artisans innovate with macaroni for four people who are gluten free. On the menu: Variety of flavors and colors, with many flavors to choose from. All chocolate (dark), raspberry vanilla (red), pistachio strawberry (green) and lemon raspberry (yellow).

If you are greedy and a fan of macaroons, we advise you to book them quickly as the raspberry-vanilla version introduced for Mother’s Day has disappeared one morning. Don’t forget to order. This is obviously valid for all Easter chocolates that tear like hot cakes, for sure. The word of pastry chefs!

Easter dinners are available from Saturday, March 27th

Maison Budget / 148 Portobello Road / Notting Hill / Phone: 020 7221 1000

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