Brazil: Bolsanaro sentenced to pay compensation to a journalist

Brésil : Bolsonaro condamné à indemniser une journaliste

According to the first ruling of a court in Sவோo Paulo, the AFP had access, and the head of state had to pay 20,000 rais (about 3,000 euros) to the journalist, which was the daily folha ds. From Palo. Respected from Brazil. He may still appeal against this sentence.

The judge in charge of the case ruled in his March 16 sentence that the far-right president had “damaged the complainant’s honor and caused moral damage.”

Mr. Mr Bolzano said the journalist tried to get the scoop against him in exchange for sexual assistance with his evidence. Bolzano insisted.

Patricia Campos Mello, the author of the investigative articles of an organization that spread fake news through the WhatsApp message against the Labor Party (PD, Left) during the 2018 presidential election campaign, eventually won over Jair Bolsanaro.

On January 21, he had already won a legal victory against the Brazilian president’s family, with one of his sons, Deputy Eduardo Bolzano, sentenced to 30,000 fines and non-penalty damages.

In May 2020, a journalist on YouTube “tried to mislead” an employee of a digital marketing company in an election, he said.

A report released by the National Federation of Journalists of Brazil (FENAZ) in 2020 identifies 2020, with less than 428 attacks on press freedom in the country, more than twice as many as 2019, among physical, verbal and threatening attacks.

According to the report, President Bolzano was directly linked to 40% of these attacks.

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