Real Really Buy? I tried to use Microsoft’s “Group Transcript” to translate and translate simultaneously | Kismodo Japan

Real Really Buy? I tried to use Microsoft's "Group Transcript" to translate and translate simultaneously |  Kismodo Japan

How practical is this?

Microsoft’s dream-like conference application “Simultaneous translation + transliteration into more than 80 languages”Team transcription“.RelatedMore than 80 languages.. Although it is currently considered an application in development, it is not only translated into real time, but also shows it as text, so it can be useful for meetings with many people in different languages.

If you have a dream-like application like this, I would love to use it! Thus, in Kismoto’s editorial field, Kanemoto, who could only speak Japanese, and English, the author’s native language of Richard and Kyle, tried to use the “group transcript”. How was that?

Easy to use

The best way to use group transcript is face-to-face conversation, but this time I tried it remotely.

(Left) At startup, the setup screen is displayed after the various screens are displayed. Select display name and language here. (Right) Now you can use it.
Image: Kasunori Miura

First, place your iPhone near you and start the group transcript.

Enter name and language as default settings. Then, when the organizer starts the talk, a code (5 digits of letters) will be given, so please share it. If you enter the code, you will be placed in the same room.

All you have to do is have a conversation. The original language and translation of the reporting person will be displayed on the screen. It is not that difficult to use. Yes, how to use it.

Let’s talk together!

Then, what was the actual conversation like?

Recorded on Richard’s iPhone. The words spoken by Richard are recognized in real time, but the time is delayed until the comments of the other members are shown.

First,Too late.

I connected with Zoom to check this time, but the translation from each report took too long to show up in the app. Truth be told, it’s not enough to establish conversations in a remote environment.

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Recorded on Richard’s iPhone. Richard’s line seems inconsistent, and Kyle becomes two as he walks in and out of the room.
GIF: Kismodo Japan

Also, the connection was very unstable. When four people enter a room, within minutes someone is gone. Meanwhile, the room was gone. When something like this is done over and over again, there is also the event that for some reason Kyle turns into two people.

Recorded on Canomoto’s iPhone. My voice recognition is relatively smooth, but the timing and accuracy of other members’ comments is low.

In terms of voice recognition, this is pretty good. Your comments are recognized in both Japanese and English, and even if Richard speaks Japanese and English alternately, they will be recognized, respectively.

Translation accuracy is not good. Japanese → English and English → Japanese are a little confusing when looking at long sentences. At this point, it can be difficult to use in the business sector.

If AI is better, is it usable?

Intend to use this time “Even moreThis group transcript does not store the content of the Microsoft dialog,AI learns and improves with data that users voluntarily post.

I mean it’s still a long way off,I think as the amount of data increases, as the AI ​​becomes better, it becomes more compatible... I want you to be like that. After all, once it is on a practical level, language communication will be much smoother.

We look forward to seeing this in the future. Good luck, team copying !!

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