America should not become a paper cop

America should not become a paper cop

Analysis – Joe Biden has promised to bring huge revenue from his country to the world stage. But its effective rhetoric shows a dangerous gap between existing methods and the new environment. After all, this posture underestimates the depth of the political crisis, which must be resolved in order to regain external credibility.

«LAmerica is back ”, Announced Joe Biden at a conference in Munich in February, already in the Foreign Office, after US diplomats applied the formula before the Foggy Bottom. In short, it is a way of indicating that he wanted to break the Trump era characterized by the slogan “America First” and, in short, return to an era of more generous, more diverse, more democratic and more involved. In world affairs. “Essential power“This formula has long been used to qualify the role of the United States.

But is it a bit dated and unrelated to the circumstances? What this American “comeback” means is that the world in which Joe Biden uses his action has changed fundamentally in four years and the United States has become significantly weaker. Will it return to its allies in Europe and Asia? Towards its role as a stabilizing force in the world and as a defender of democracy in the face of authoritarian organizations,

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