Which is the best film in DC Comics cinema universe?

Which is the best film in DC Comics cinema universe?

Media Timeline Requires, “Wonder Woman” landed on Netflix three years after its release. During the 14-18 war the heroine puts even more in the guise of the world’s “savior” Amazon “Godot”. Therefore, the fact that the message of peace is as naive as the heroine in her beginning is not a bar, the scene is of high quality.

Our comment about “Wonder Woman”

As for Razi among us, Wonder Woman Linda Carter, the gorgeous beauty from TV, in star-studded Lycra maxi-panties and Santa Claus boots, could not save the world without doing it frantically Over and over every time. But for geeks around the world, Wonder Woman is, above all, one of the star superheroes on the DC Comics list. A divine Amazon – in every sense of the word – is dedicated to the protection of mankind.

So let’s not forget to tie together the old TV series from the 70s and its special effects together in the back of the garage. Wonder Woman 2.0 is fully armed from the universe of the original comics, it is not in its first appearance. In Batman Vs Superman, An earlier blockbuster product from DC Staples, he had already done an introductory ball, a small presentation on tornadoes and a magic whip. But the picture was so bad, Diana (her last name in civil life) didn’t really represent our memories.

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