Rainwater layers in the Ulu Rock of Australia

Rainwater layers in the Ulu Rock of Australia

Heavy rains over Australia in recent days have caused considerable damage to the country, but have provided a magnificent view of the site of Uluru, a sacred site for tribes.

Local authorities, Quoted BBC In the video below on March 24, trigger an episode “Unique and Extraordinary”. The uru rock in central Australia was later covered in water The rains that caused terrible floods in the country in recent days. It rained several inches over the weekend “The rain created waterfalls on the big rock”, Tribal sanctuaries and tourist sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“Rain falling on the surface of the rock changes its color, from dark burgundy to shiny silver and black.” Ulusu-Katta Tuta overlooks the national park On Facebook.

“Parts of eastern Australia affected by decades of devastating floods are recovering. Bring it back BBC, But eviction notices are maintained ”, Especially in the Sydney region; In New South Wales, the most severely affected state, places will receive 1 meter of rain. Australian officials said on Wednesday (March 24) that two deaths were to be blamed.

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