Ingenious helicopter begins deploying on Mars: first to fly to another planet

Ingenious helicopter begins deploying on Mars: first to fly to another planet

The ingenious helicopter was diligently docked on Mars by a rover. Photo: NASA / JBL-Caltech.

National Aviation and Space Administration of the United States, (NASA, By its contractionS In English: National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Has revealed the first picture of his helicopter Ingenuity On Mars, flying first on that planet.

Carried by the rover Diligence, Began the process of releasing the device by dropping its card. This in particular, The account of this work on Twitter announced the important step: “Trash shield gone, our first sight on the helicopter is here”, posted the official Twitter account of the trip Diligence This Sunday. Also, before it hits the ground, it is said to be “stored sideways, folded and locked, so you need to do some reverse origami”.

A NASA video describes its deployment process Ingenuity: From the fall of the card, it will then modify itself and extend all its legs before being released.

The spacecraft weighs about 680 grams on Mars, reaching 1.8 kg on Earth. Meanwhile the height is 49 cm.

Six lithium ion batteries, Charged by a solar array installed above the rotor, propels the helicopter. It is Two cameras: One is for black and white navigation and the other is for landscape focus.

What is the duration of the test flight program? According to the plan, it will spend 30 Mars days, i.e. 31 on our planet.

(With information provided by RT in Spanish)

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