After the flood, Australia sees the rise of thousands of spiders – West-France evening edition

After the flood, Australia sees the rise of thousands of spiders - West-France evening edition

This is the parallel damage of the catastrophic flood that will affect half of Australia’s east for a few days. Thousands of spiders have appeared among the affected residents. Descriptions.

(Map: Oyster-France)

After the flood, the spiders … Heavy rains lash the east coast of Australia Many days and half a century in the country are in the form of a surprising and spectacular parallel damage caused by the worst floods.

Spider Invasion

Rising water has brought out thousands of spiders from land in New South Wales. Asked by local television station ABC, Professor Dieter Hochuli, chairman of the Sydney University’s Integrated Ecology Committee, explains that the invasion was not surprising under these conditions.

“All animals that spend their lives underground or on the ground can no longer live there. he said. Spiders are a prime example. Like everyone else, they try to keep themselves out of the high ground during floods. ”

On social networks, dozens of photos and videos testify to the horror-worthy appearance of these arachnid colonies, who do not hesitate to invest in residential homes to seek refuge in the heights.

Garden, walls, barriers எந்த Any surface outside the waves is occupied by battalions of spiders.

These amazing guests scare some residents like Melanie Williams who lives in the small town of Maxville. “It scared me so much. I ‘ve never seen anything like that. I’m been an arachnophob for a long time. It happens to me from time to time to see spiders in the house, but nothing like that, it was amazing, She testifies on the channel Australian ABC television, Announced by the British news site The Independent .

Wolf spiders

Identified as “wolf spiders” by many visitors, including the most intensive museum in Queensland, these insects hunt spiders that do not weave a web, but hunt until they are exhausted. They live mainly underground or on the ground.

If their numbers are large, how harmless are these spiders to humans? “This type of spider does not pose any particular danger. This species only bites to eat or defend itself and has a high tendency to flee from humans. ” , Tell us by phone Anne Pounias-Delacore, Archaeologist.

“Facing the flood, the family of these spiders living on the ground and trying to get to the heights we see in France is obvious. It’s a simple survival instinct.”

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