Eastern Australia in turmoil

Eastern Australia in turmoil

Many days of flooding in Australia make it difficult for wildlife, for example, to push spiders off the ground and take refuge at heights, especially in homes. However, the people of this region believe that the rising water will slow down the rodent invasion they have been facing for months.

“First the fire, now the flood! Reduces BBC. It has been a scary year for Australian wildlife and livestock, now trying to escape the torrential rains in New South Wales. ” Heavy rains on the east coast of Australia have caused record flooding since March 20, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. The state of New South Wales has already been badly affected by a monster fire that was reported between September 2019 and January 2020, killing 1 billion animals across the country.

Once again, the British Channel tells us that climate change has had far-reaching effects on animals: “On social media, colonies of spiders report approaching residential homes” And “Animals fighting for survival in Eastern Australia”. These posted pictures, for example, show thousands of spiders on the surface of the water near a farm in Kinsela Creek, NSW:

Expelled from the ground by rising water, the spiders took refuge in the heights, sometimes returning to the homes of individuals. The Australian Channel reports that this is what happened to a resident of Maxville ABC : “Thousands of spiders climbed as Melanie Williams’ house was flooded


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