The debate over Australia’s relations with the British monarchy resumed


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Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Tuesday that Megan Markle’s interview with Prince Harry and the Opera strengthened his argument for severing Australia’s constitutional ties with the British monarchy. It may reconsider the debate over republicanism in Australia, one of the 54 Commonwealth countries that were once part of the British Empire.


  • Malcolm Turnbull a Announced On Australian ABC radio, it was clear from the interview that the Royals were unhappy or “at least Meghan and Harry were unhappy”.
  • The former prime minister, a staunch Republican, later called on Australia to end its relationship with the British monarchy after the end of Queen Elizabeth’s rule.
  • Malcolm Turnbull’s successor and current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has yet to be heard or commented on in an interview.
  • The hashtag #abolishthemonarchy took to Twitter on Monday after an interview with Megan and Harry Oprah, where the couple opened up about their struggles with the royal family.

Important quote

“Should the UK head of state automatically be our head of state? Malcolm Turnbull said in his interview.

The main context

Currently, the King of the United Kingdom is recognized as Head of State in Australia and in many former Commonwealth countries that were former British colonies. Although the Queen has gained some popularity with Australians, the country is also home to a growing Republican movement, of which Mr. Turnbull is one of the main supporters. Republicans have called for an American-style system in which the head of state is directly elected by Australian citizens. The referendum on making Australia a republic was rejected in 1999, although it was supported by opinion polls. The 1999 referendum, however, only proposed replacing the executive president with a British monarch with limited powers.


Responding to questions at a press conference on Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern was asked to re-evaluate relations with the British monarchy. He told reporters, “I do not feel a hunger on the part of the New Zealanders for a meaningful change in our constitutional provisions. I do not expect it to change quickly.” Like his Trans-Tasmanian neighbor, the head of state of New Zealand was a British monarch.

To monitor

It remains to be seen whether other Commonwealth countries will make similar appeals. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II the group of 54 nations was at the center of the monarchy, as well as Harry and Megan served as members of the royal family, and even after they retreated one step, Megan incorporated flowers into her wedding seal all over her country. A few hours before their interview with Oprah, the Queen marked Commonwealth Day with a speech celebrating her solidarity: “We all continue to appreciate the breadth of support, experience and knowledge available through continued service, and I hope we will have this renewed sense of intimacy and community.”

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