The center of Mars became about half the size of Earth

Thanks to the work of the Insight study, Mars became the first planet after Earth in which the size of the center was determined: more than 3,600 kilometers in diameter.


According to Ukrinform, this is the report Natural News.

Simon Stahler of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich says the results of this work are being prepared for publication in a journal.

Like the earth, the gut Tuesday Allows you to “see” seismic waves moving at different speeds through rocks of different compositions and properties, and they may even reflect at the boundaries of certain layers. Insight, during its mission, recorded about 500 weak markwaves, but almost two out of every ten of them reached the level – sufficient for the waves they created to penetrate to great depths, the article quotes Naked science.

It differentiates the relatively dense layer of the mantle over the planet and extends to a depth of 700-800 km, as well as “rope” the boundary of the mantle and the center of Mars to estimate its size. Core. This is half the size of the Earth: the radius is 1810 to 1860 kilometers, which is slightly larger than theoretical predictions. Therefore, for the most part, the center of the Red Planet is not as dense as one might think, and, in addition to iron and sulfur, contains compounds of relatively light elements such as oxygen. It is still likely to be somewhat fused.

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