Rudy Cobert was attacked by a competing superstar!

Among the favorites for the Defender of the Year title at the end of this season, Rudy Cobert hopes to win the race again. But one of his rivals is not his biggest fan and has decided to criticize his defense.

As Jazz began to show some signs of weakness in recent weeks, Rudy Cobert was not initially happy with the situation. French already ranted, Like a leader who wants to see a quick awakening from his teammates. Of course, it is up to him to guide by example.

If Saint-Quentin’s native is not a high scorer, he can lead his team in defense and be able to weigh in on his team’s attacking game. Despite the title being his priority, one can only hope that Cobert will become a defender for the third time this year.

A goal for the French? We want to say yes, because if he wins this trophy he will have succeeded in making a difference in jazz: everyone will benefit. If it’s a favorite, there’s competition Ben Simmons, Is very good with 76ers during this campaign. But the latter decided to attack Copsilla in his latest interview Philadelphia Investigator.

He’s a good defender, but I don’t think he can defend 1-5 positions. You can’t ask him to protect Kavi Leonard or Paul George or a point guard. He can’t do it on a regular basis.

Decisively, the Australian especially wants to criticize Cobert, who has already said that watching Cobert defend himself is “disrespectful” earlier in the season …

It is certain that Simmons and Cobert have different defensive contributions. The former can better defend all positions, which is a great asset for the 76-year-old. According to Rudy, external defense is similar to his biggest weak point. This can be improved, but nothing really unusual given its size and profile.

Jazz’s presence is a real nightmare in fraud and manages to block many interior baskets, meaning its contribution can never be declared on a state sheet. Just as you can’t ask Simmons to block circular shots the same way, you can’t ask him to defend a point guard.

Ben Simmons is not entirely wrong in his statement, but he takes into account what the defensive input is. But frankly, for Australians, criticizing the French these days is all too well …

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