Google is approaching citizens to fight the bill to protect the media

Google is approaching citizens to fight the bill to protect the media

Following Australia’s announcement in this regard The plan of the new bill Purpose To manage the relationship between the media and the giants who dominate the internet in a major financial crisis, Google has decided to speak directly with Australian citizens An open letter. In it, Mountain View believes. ” The new government regulations will affect how Australians use Google search and YouTube.

What is this bill about?

The Australian media is currently facing a major crisis. They defy themselves and suffer a significant financial imbalance for Google and Facebook, which derives a large amount of revenue from newspaper articles published on their sites, all of which are not paid by the media. That is why, in April 2020, Australian Finance Minister Josh Friedenberg announced that he was counting. Charge two internet giants.

A The result was soon rejected by Facebook, And half heard the word Google later agreed to pay the Australian media, But under certain conditions. In the absence of their cooperation, Australia decided to propose a new bill Force Google and Facebook to pay media for their content. At the same time, the bill would enable technology giants to announce upcoming changes in their content distribution methods in the user feed. By refusing to worship it, Google and Facebook will then face severe financial penalties.

Google seeks to put citizens on its side

If Facebook has not yet heard a voice regarding this announcement, Google has decided Counter-attack by seeking to place Australian citizens on his side. To this end, the internet company Google addresses them directly in an open letter signed by Mel Silva, General Manager and Vice President of Australia and New Zealand.

In it, he explains it: “This proposed law will force you to provide significantly poorer Google and YouTube searches, which could lead to sending your data to large companies and magazines, and endangering the free services you use in Australia.”.

In addition, Google believes this law requires it. ” Give unfair advantage Media to the media. The company states: “S.Compared to other companies, only the media receive information that can artificially elevate the rankings, even if the latter works better.

Most importantly, Google warns under this Act, He would have been obliged to tell the media how to access user data In this case, It is not possible for him to know whether the sent data is being protected Or even how they are used. Mountain View concludes its request as follows:

“This law will not only work with Google and YouTube media, but will also affect all of our Australian users, which is why we want to post you. We will do everything we can to change this plan to protect the way search and YouTube work for you in Australia. “

According to ACCC, Google is misleading

In a press release, the Chairman of the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission), Rod Sims, rate it Google Open Letter ” Contains incorrect information Regarding how this new code of conduct works.

He explains it specifically “Google does not charge Australians for using its free services such as Google Search and YouTube unless you choose to do so.“. Similarly, he mentions it.” Google does not require you to share additional user data with Australian news organizations unless you choose to do so.“Finally, Rod Sims said it This bill is a ” Significant disparity in bargaining power between Australian newspaper companies, Google and Facebook« .

Clearly, it is difficult for all three parties to come together and no one wants to fold. There is no doubt that the coming weeks in Australia will be an event for Facebook and Google.

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