Couche-Dart announces its intention to sell 355 businesses in North America

McKinsey, tainted by opiates, will replace the boss

Canadian Food and Fuel Supply Group Cooch-Dart announced Monday that it intends to sell 49 convenience stores in the United States and sell 306 in North America.

These sites are no longer responding. “Strategic goalsThe Quebec group Couche-Dart said in a statement that it had sought to reconcile with Carrefour, a supermarket company blocked by the French government in January. Koch-Dart, World Heavyweight “Convenience storesQue notes that it has decided to sell 49 sites in Oklahoma to Casey’s General Stores Group for US $ 39 million (33 33 million) as Quebecs call these convenience stores, which are often supported by gas stations. Cooch-Dart also points out that it has retained the services of a real estate company to coordinate sales of 306 sites in North America (269 in 25 states in the United States and 37 in six states in Canada).

«Expressions of interest are expected in early MayCooch-Dart adds. In about twenty countries around the world, especially in North America and Northern Europe, Cooch-Dort has more than 14,000 stores in its network, which is under the Circle K banner, of which nearly 11,000 sell fuel. The group derives about 70% of its revenue from petrol sales.

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