Videos show the subtle side of everyday objects

Ole Pylefeld, 20, From Cologne, Germany, where millions of people enjoyed use during the isolation Dictoc, But what he did not think was that his videos would go viral.

The videos released by the young German have caused a stir in Dictok. Photo: Screenshot

The videos uploaded by the young German are about everyday things he watches in a subtle way, which brought him millions of views.

You can see what a leaf looks like in one of the first videos:

Or a cup of coffee or a handful:

“I started the Dictoc channel a year ago, so it’s not old. I have always been interested in photography and the different perspectives that can be created in particular“.

Ole Pylefeld

Peelfeld, who now has 5.6 million followers on Dictoc, believes that the passion of the people in his videos is his own The desire to learn more about how things work. Choose everyday items: “People want to understand what a t-shirt or coffee is made of.”

Millions of young users of the video-sharing app play music to see Peelfeldt’s camera zoom in on a human hand or ponytail.

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