Toulouse. Climate: Looking for solutions in Latin America

Toulouse.  Climate: Looking for solutions in Latin America

Two young men, aged 25 and 27, from Toulouse, Alexandrin Gaberbe and Firmin Montot, are looking for solutions to the current climate crisis. It was this mentality that led to the formation of the Row-Earth Association in October 2019. Through this they produced and broadcast reports on environmental and social themes.

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to Jean Juicel, a supporter of their association

Last December, they flew to Latin America for a trip that will take them to nine countries on the continent until February 2022.

“We shoot during the day, edit videos at night, Firmin explains. We want our reports to be available online and then put them together to produce at least an hour’s documentary. When we return to France, they will be aired during screenings of exchanges in cultural venues and schools.”

The couple’s first report is available on YouTube. It reveals how an organic coffee farm operates in Colombia. Internet users can also watch interviews filmed with two of the association’s sponsors: Nobel Peace Prize-winning climate analyst Jean-Jssell and European Member of Parliament and Reporter Pierre Larotturo for the 2021 Budget for Europe.

“Give Hope”

“The goal of our project is to give hope. We can not keep our quality of life, but we want to show that everyone can function on a daily basis. We want to spread concrete solutions based on ecology. The world,” Alexandrin underlined.

To the opponents who blame them for going to the end of the world to encourage fellow citizens, both Toulouse present arguments. “Latin America emits the world’s lowest amount of greenhouse gases, which make up 60 to 70% of the known natural organisms to date, yet suffer clearly and violently from the effects of global warming and human activities. People in France went there because they enjoyed our way of life.”

It should be noted that Alexandrin and Firmin are sponsoring the project with their own funds, as well as the 5,000 euros collected during a mob campaign.

The two Toulouse residents also wrote the book “A Year to Change Our Habits” published by the Cape Edition.

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