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Forget Netflix for a moment With… IFcinéma à la carte, find the best French cinema, watch anytime, anywhere!

French பகு la Garde Cinema, as part of the month of Francophone, offers a selection of films available for free streaming from March 10 to April 9. In the show, the selected selection of four films should be the same for young and old alike. We are pleased to present them to you.

Lulu is a naked woman

“Life is not written in advance” is a phrase we remember from Lulu to his daughter. This beautiful story takes us from the vibrant path of life waiting for Lulu. After failing a job interview, Lulu misses his train home. An advance meeting changes the course of things, and we gently follow it in its flight. Adapted from the award-winning comic strip Lulu Fem Nue by Etienne Davodo, the film is aimed at the general public and allows them to breathe the air of the open sea.

FRA in French with English verses | 2013 | 84 minutes | dir. With Solvek Unspok, Karin Weird, Bally Loners, Claude Jensack

Camera de Africa (Twenty years of African cinema)

Almost forty years after the release of the restored version, the independent film from Africa reappeared on screen. An instructive journey of passionate filmmakers, with their small steps, reveals to us the reality of their country through their cameras. Presented in 1983 in Cannes, this documentary presents a cinema of grain and innovation that certainly will not leave you indifferent.

TUN / FRA in French with English verses | 1983 | Documentary | Is real. Ferrit Pough Dir

Sophie’s misfortune

Who did not read Sophie de la Comtez de Zagour’s Malhiers de la Comtez de Zagore in her youth? Timeless story passed down from generation to generation. Christoph Honore revisits the very best of children’s literature, and is delighted to rediscover Sophie, with the added bonus of Muriel Robin, who can’t sin in the role of the terrible mother-in-law.

FRA in French with English verses | 2016 | dir. With Christoph Honore, Carolyn Grant, Anas Demostier, Golshifte Farahani

Cornish Kennedy

From Corniche de Marseille, the realistic structure of the most famous stone road in the city of Phoebe, a group of young people jump into the sea and drown, carefree and brave dangers. From the window of his villa, a young woman looks at them and takes a photo. The difference between the two lifestyles that come together. Adapted from the novel Mylis de Kerangal (Ment the Living, Birth of a Bridge), this film is a great way to discover the freedom we so dream of in our limited London.

FRA in French with English verses | 2016 | Is real. With Dominic Cabrera, Lola Greton, Assa Maga, Massa Maskri, Kamal Kadri, Alain Demaria

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