[Fiches Draft] Trevor Lawrence (QB) handles pressure |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Trevor Lawrence (QB) handles pressure | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Just over a month before the draft (April 29), the editorial staff of TouchDownDocu presents you with its annual “draft sheet”. 80 of the best university players to delight your favorite NFL team in 2021, 40 in crime and 40 in defense.

Trevor Lawrence – Quarterback – Clemson

Cut: 1 m 98

Weight: 100 kg

Draft rated status: 1st choice

Statistics 2020: 3,153 yards for 24 DTs and 5 INDs, 68% complete. 203 yards on the ground and 8 D.T.

NFL Comparison: Andrew Luck

Points forts

– Full game book
– Movement if necessary
– Emotional management

Some quarterbacks provide reliable play with precision, while others have a strong arm that can strike depths or create differences on the ground with the feet. Trevor Lawrence has it all. He knows how to be accurate (68% complete) and he knows how to play both short and long (average 9.3 yards to complete one). For two seasons, he has added the opportunity to win yards and record DDs in the race (9 in 2019 and 8 in 2020).

Probably No. 1 in the draft, he will be under pressure once he gets to the NFL. He has attracted attention since he was 14 and has shown that Trevor Lawrence knows how to handle, improve and support his teams. With Clemson, his coach did not hesitate to try all the shots, including the dangerous ones. If it results in a small waste, it also makes the university more successful. Being the “face of entitlement” doesn’t impress him in the NFL, the hyper, who has been exploring every angle and appearing in the media for years, has responded at every level to Trevor Lawrence. There are some doubts about his success among the pros.

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Weak points

– Under pressure
– Decisive driver

By 2020, Trevor Lawrence had never had such a young man, so he had less offensive. This was felt in his game during the opposite pressure: his rating under pressure was lower than that of Justin Fields, Zack Wilson or Mac Jones. In the NFL, he will not have the best attacking front (Jaguars) and will face fast and experienced defenders. He is the best quarterback who has come out of college in years, but in 2021 he will make mistakes from a rude.

With Cleveson dominating most of the 40 games Trevor Lawrence has played there, he has no chance of running the final drive to snatch victory. Or rather, only once: against North Carolina in 2019. That doesn’t mean he deserves it, but this situation he inevitably sees in the NFL will seem like a novelty to him.

Possible locations

Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets

High school rookie No. 1 then college rookie No. 1, except for a surprise, he will be the number one choice in the NFL draft. Below is a video from 2014, when he had not yet entered high school: he had already attracted attention.


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