Apple shares new data on diversity – Marseille News

Apple shares new data on diversity - Marseille News

Apple now shares updated data about its efforts as an all-inclusive and diverse company. On his Diversity Page, Apple is making efforts to become “the best reflection of the world in which we live”.

According to data, the number of employees in low-cost communities (URCs) has increased by 64% or more than 18,000, and Apple represents nearly 50% of the U.S. workforce.

There is an increase in the number of Hispanic, Latin American and black employees in the United States. The number of Hispanic and Latin Americans has increased by more than 80%, with a 90% increase in leadership. With black employees, it grew by more than 50%, with a 60% increase in leadership.

Globally, the number of female employees has grown by more than 70%, with an increase of 85% in leadership.

Apple shares leadership that furthers its progress by attracting people and recruiting from within:

  • 43% Open Chancellor roles filled by RCUs in the United States
  • 29% R&D leadership roles filled by members of RCUs in the United States
  • 37% Open leadership roles occupied by women around the world
  • 26% Open leadership roles in R&D occupied by women around the world

Although Apple’s diversity numbers have improved over time, the company has a majority of male employees, of whom 66% of its global gender and its white employees, 47% race and its race in the United States.

His Chief de Apple On the executives’ profiles page, out of 17 executives, four are women, and only one is Asian. The rest of Apple’s head is white and male.

The company will take some time to diversify, but at least Apple is committed to ensuring wage equity for everyone in the company and working for racial equality and justice from Apple headquarters.

On this page you can see all of Apple’s merger and diversity stats here.

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