Carcassonne: Organizations that promise youth employment with local work

Carcassonne: Organizations that promise youth employment with local work

The local West Audiois Mission has signed the “J Magege for La Genesis” charter with nearly 110 businesses. Moussa, Lorenzo, Aaron, Joshua and the bosses who decided to trust them testify.

The story of Moussa Koita is very symbolic. How can we not realize the journey of this young Malian who came alone at the age of 14 to try his luck in France via Libya and Italy? The 22-year-old now has a model career, and holds a full-time permanent contract with the American Fast Food Company. Alain Grant, manager of McDonald’s West Autois “Glad the lines moved”. In doing so, it is partly thanks to the local Mission (MLOA) of Western Autois, which has been one of the partner companies for 20 years.

Will return

Like McDow, almost 110 companies from a large area “It goes from the gates of Norfolk to Laracois, Montagne Noir and Hot Wally.”, Signed the charter “I promise youth” with MLOA. “Our mission is to reach young people and go into business.”, Explains Daniel Iche, president of the organization. “We need business feedback to further improve”, Jean-Pierre Munich, supports the director of an association, whose motto is: “Employment and Training Coach for 16-25 year olds”.

“The Charter has implemented 35 permanent contracts, 101 fixed term contracts, 49 temporary appointments, 28 training contracts, 8 skill employment pathways and 4 professional contracts.”, MLOA Business Pole Project Manager CD Mohamed McBar recalled.

We welcome the announcement of a pole representing one-fifth of the total process, the renewal of the Youth Employment Assistance until May 31 and the Learning Assistance until December 31.

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Apprenticeship was the path chosen by 17-year-old Aaron Fourier, who withdrew from his studies after patenting. His career spans the life of Pierfert, the boss of the Lesinen-Corbyrs Intermarch, which currently welcomes 6 trainees, three boys and three girls. “We work a lot as a team and we can take responsibility.”, Wants Aaron to start taking his rays alone in pairs after 6 months. “Future Department Manager on the horizon of 5 or 6 years”, Pierre Ferde predicts under the smile of his young coach.

Joshua Ferragut, 25, like two other young men, signed a permanent deal with Carcassonne’s Cars Logistics last year. “We had a need, but state aid was crucial.”, A family business buyer with 30 employees, was created 13 years ago and specializes in distribution and logistics, testifies Remy Zulbert. Infectious cars increased the “delivery to individuals” function of logistics, but weighed the “pro” function. It is based on “New customer requirements based on deliveries”, And thanks to MLOA, Remy Zulbert appointed Joshua as the holder of a pro logistics bachelorette.

A “good guy”

“We are not looking for young graduates. We are looking for young people who are motivated by a desire to work.”, Summarizes Sylvie Soriano, manager of a named company that specializes in aluminum and PVC jointing and ironwork. It was at this option that he gave 18-year-old Lorenzo a CDT, and he stopped his studies in front of Bach. Local work first looked for this young man for a 15 day job. “From the beginning, we saw that he was a good guy.”, Summarizes Sylvie Soriano.

Beyond assistance measures, employment is often the result of a successful encounter …

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