10 British places to get away from it all quickly

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We told you a few weeks ago, From April 12th Having originally remained in Great Britain, we get the recognition to depart to breathe fresh air. So, before going too far, the editorial team invites you to discover 100% local terrain, which may surprise you! Here is the complete list of places not to be missed.

1. Brighton

Must see, especially if you live in London! The city of Brighton has become a weekend getaway for the people of London. For good reason: In an hour’s journey by train, you walk from the quiet streets of the capital to the light atmosphere of the seaside resort. Ideal for relaxing! There you will find the Royal Pavilion, the former residence of George IV, whose architecture will surprise you as its inspiration comes straight from… from India!

To get there, nothing can be simpler: Take the Southern Railway or Thamesling from London stations in Victoria, London Bridge, King’s Cross or Farrington. You can also take a low budget bus from Victoria Coach Station.

Brighton Judy Sea England
Hert None – Bexels

2. Seven Sisters Country Park

Not far from Brighton, how could it not be admired in front of these limestone boulders sunk in the English Channel? About an hour and a half by train from London, the scenery is total! For all lovers of walking and sea air: you will not regret the detour.

There are two ways to get to Seven Sisters Country Park: by train / bus or car. Take the train from London Victoria Station to Eastbourne or Brighton. In one of these two cities, you have to take a 12 or 12A bus to get off at the Seven Sisters Country Park. By car, allow 1 to 2 hours for travel.

Seven Sisters Lime Rocks England
Joe Vodell – Unsplash

3. Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is a city of great cultural and historical riches. An ancient fort, built on a hill, the city has been dominated by its fort since the 7th century. Today, Edinburgh is a brilliant combination of medieval city and chic New Town, one of the most cosmopolitan and attractive cities in the United Kingdom. To stay even longer, head to the Magaras “Gourmet Mash Bar” located on Bank Street and taste hockey, a traditional Scottish dish made with chopped and stuffed sheep intestines… Bon Appடிtit!

666 kilometers separate the two capitals from each other. The easiest and fastest way to fly from London to Edinburgh is by direct flights to Gatwick, Luton, Stansted or Heathrow. Another, longer but more traditional alternative train: Allow 4 to 5 hours to reach Edinburgh from London.

Visit to London from Edinburgh Scotland
Peggy ou Khair – Pixabay

4. Oxford

Go to Oxford or “City of Dream Spears” and you will enter a real cinematic setting: everything is beautiful and clean, everything is fine in its place, nothing comes out. Its gothic architecture from another era is stunning and cool, but it is magically mysterious. Take the time to climb to the top of St. Mary’s Church to admire the most breathtaking view of the city. Stop for a real afternoon coffee at The Grand Cafe, the UK’s first coffee house and real company for Axonians. Finally, you can dream of studying within the walls of these beautiful universities …

Getting from London to Oxford will not be easy! Every 30 minutes from Victoria Station you pick a car, pick a train; Or opt for the bus, especially via the Oxford Tube Company, which offers several trips a day from Victoria Coach Station.

Oxford London train bus journey
Ben Seymour – Unsplash

5. In Cornoul

Do you need the sea breeze of Breton Beach and Pancake Land? See yourself in “Cornwall”! Nothing is guaranteed as far as pancakes are concerned, but that country reminds you that Armoric land is wild with its vast open spaces. From Palbero to Saint-Eves to Gadquith and its pitched roofs, take a stroll through the most beautiful fishing villages and stop modeling the coastal oysters in Falmouth. See also For those in high demand for French land: The breeding of Mont Saint-Michel (rough but surprising) to be admired from the Mansion beach.

Going from London to Cornwall, you can determine your base in Plymouth, one of its major port cities famous for its seabed. For a direct train journey, take about 3 hours from London Paddington station. By bus, travel is three times cheaper, but the connection time doubles. If you choose the car, it will take more than 4 hours to reach Plymouth. Keep in mind that Cornwall is a huge area: to get from one place to another, train passes are on sale, and buses also serve the area very well. Hiking also offers incomparable views of the beach!

Cornwall Rocks Holiday UK
Diego Torres – Pixabay

6. Bath

Bath is a beautiful English city located on the shores of Avon, which offers undeniable beauty. Famous for its hot springs, somewhat discovered by the Romans, its hot baths and the city’s Georgian architecture will become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, if you can go to Bath after May 17 and reopen the museums, you can not miss the visit to the ancient baths in the heart of the city, not only the ruins of the Roman baths, but also an archeological museum and sacred sites.

Bath – The London route is made without any change from Paddington station and takes 1 hour 30 minutes. There, too, you can get there by bus, but travel time is greatly increased: allow 3 to 4 hours to reach the bath city.

Bath Visit the Roman Bath Museum
Jack Farmer – Unsplus

7. Le Loch Ness

Back to Scotland on the well-known Loch Ness Lake! If there was a legend that this place was once a large valley covered with grass, today it is a large freshwater lake that gives shelter to an ancestral monster … but have you ever been to Urgart Castle located on a hill overlooking the famous lake? These majestic ruins are the largest in Scotland. Since the 13th century, they have found peace and tranquility around the Highlands, haven’t they?

On the south side of the lake, by car from the castle at 1h30, we admire the famous Glenfinnon Viaduct, known for its magical connection between London and Hogwarts.

To visit Loch Ness and its surroundings, you must travel to the nearby town of Inverness. Flight Highly recommended option: From Gatwick Airport, flights are direct and affordable.

loch ness Monster Lake Visit Scotland
Ramon Woon – Unsplash

8. York

York is a walled city in the north of England. The glamorous, ancient city founded by the Romans would later become the capital of the Viking Kingdom. Travel through Memory Lane by strolling through its cozy little streets, admiring the view from its towers or admiring the splendor of its famous cathedral.

York City, located in north London, can be reached by train from King’s Cross Station in about 2 hours. By car, allow at least 4 hours.

Visit the UK to York City
Gajio Zhang-Unsplash

9. Stonehenge

Here is another magical and inaccessible place in the United Kingdom: This prehistoric sanctuary dating back several thousand years is a mystery in history. This may have contributed to the popularity of these ghost stones, which formed a mysterious circle in the middle of the Salisbury Plain …

If you spend a few days there, do not miss the majestic Salisbury Cathedral: you will admire the tallest spire in the United Kingdom and the largest cluster in England.

The Stonehenge site is located southwest of the capital. To get there from London, you have to take a train from Waterloo station to Salisbury, and then a bus will take you to the site. Let everything be around 3h30. Car option is also possible within 2 hours by road.

Stonehenge site prehistoric England
Jack B – Unsplash

10. Giants Causeway

The “Giant’s Causeway” in English is the formation of volcanic rocks straight from another planet … Northern Ireland. Nearly 40,000 hexagonal columns line the sea at your feet.A truly magical landscape in the middle of a wild Irish land.

The best compromise the Giants Causeway can appreciate is to fly from London Heathrow to Belfast. Once in Northern Ireland, opt for car rental and drive an hour to reach Giants Causeway. Otherwise, take the train from the Northern Irish capital to the city of Colorado, from where you will take a bus to La Sousie. Some tour operators, such as GetYourGuide, arrange day trips, including visits to the filming locations of the popular Game of Thrones Saga in the surrounding area.

Giant Causeway Ireland Northern Tour
K. Mitch Hodge – Unsplash

The United Kingdom is full of treasures we have never known So, are you eager to find them (again)?

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