Vaccination record Londres

I was vaccinated in London in 60 seconds

Issued by Laurent Collin | On 03/18/2021 at 7:25 pm | Updated on 19/3/03/18/2021

“Vaccine campaign in London, a Formula 1 race”: This was my original feeling when I left St. Charles Hospital near Notting Hill.

It is true that with this announcement the country is currently breaking all records 4 million people were vaccinated This week and Total 32 million first injections Scheduled for mid-April.

Trust me, the dynamics are well oiled and everything goes very fast. Very fast! Feels like I did a simple pit stop to refill shower tires and fuel, here is the unleashed AstrogenGene 95.

An Armada (in yellow underwear – virtuous ones) is responsible for guiding the citizens at every turn of the circuit because the corridors are long and twisted. Of course, there is no need to overtake your elbow, everything is efficiently timed!

Temperature control before arrival, name and time verification of the scheduled vaccine, and finally a quick health check to lead directly to a box, where the doctor greets you with a syringe already ready in his hands.

The “medical gesture” only takes 3 seconds

A small painless bite on the hand (whatever you choose), using a small cotton ball, documenting possible side effects, then go! All this with a smile, please.

We will meet in about three months for the next injection. So if you get your call from the NHS or your official medical practice, there is no need to be afraid. Choose the same! Because of the pain and fever that can occur, I need to see if I can get back in my car to go to work tomorrow. But that is another story.

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