Exceptional sequence: It was quiet before the storms

Exceptional sequence: It was quiet before the storms

Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 7:23 pm – Winter in Quebec was very quiet. Storms are very rare. In addition, March has been very dry so far. However, the regime change will take place by the end of the month as the storms rush towards the province.

In short:

  • Quebec with storm shortage;
  • The fewest storms since 2010;
  • Active time is scheduled for the next two weeks.

Rare storms

On average, in Quebec, the winter season leads to one storm every seven days. This year, that gap has widened significantly. In fact, well-organized systems have been severely affected, but many of them have taken a path south of the province. Winter Record Sermon: 2010 has been a quiet year in this regard.

LT1 (4)

Dead quiet

Starting with the spring solstice on March 20, a spectacular series of good weather is expected. Lasts more than a week above normal temperature. Establish a high-pressure regime in the province, which will protect from organizations.

LT 2 (3)

Dietary change

Next weekend, the jet stream will allow a breakthrough to recover. High winds will blow over the recessions in Quebec. A first system rain from South America. This disturbance is due to strong winds and may cause storms.

LT3 (3)

The decisive path

During this extension, Quebec will receive twice as much normal rainfall in the last week of March. This second system can be called the cold path, i.e. snow is possible.

LT4 (3)

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