The sweet madness of “live shopping” burns China

L'influenceuse Huang Wei, connue sous le nom de « Viya ».

With his long dark hair, slightly rough voice and boundless energy, Via is the face of direct shopping boom in China. On the e-commerce company Alibaba ‘s Daoba Live platform, this influence attracts visitors every evening more than the Miss France pageant and Enfor’s evening. During the biggest Chinese e-commerce licensing sale on November 11, more than 80 million Chinese were behind their smartphone, a mix of his live streaming show, telescope, entertainment and group discussions.

At thirty-five, Via can destroy everything: cosmetics, clothes, noodle dishes or junk bags. He even donated a rocket for 5 million euros! Brands like Tesla or Procter & Gamble are trying harder to improve their products. Kim Kardashian has also teamed up with Via to sell her KKW perfume. “ 3,2,1…. Via starts the live count. A web link appears on the phone screen, one click, 4 digit code to verify mobile payment and… 15,000 bottles sold! “Kim, you have to give us more stock!” “ Introduces Via to the blunted American star at Duplex from California.

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