The "bone-breaking" battle between Aun and Hariri

The “bone-breaking” battle between Aun and Hariri

A day later, he saw public accusations between them

Yesterday (Wednesday) the public raised accusations between Lebanese President Michael Aun and Prime Minister Chad Hariri about their responsibility to disrupt the formation of the government, which viewers regarded as a “bone-breaking war” between themselves.

When Owen called on Prime Minister Brown’s Palace to discuss or apologize for the immediate formation of the government, Hariri responded by “allowing early presidential elections.”

Aun addressed the Lebanese people, spoke about the difficult living conditions they are now suffering from, and invited Hariri to the Presidential Palace, “in agreement with me to immediately form a government.” He added, “If he finds it impossible to appoint a prime minister and heads a national salvation government that addresses the dangerous conditions that afflict the country and its people, he must accommodate everyone with the ability to compose music.”

Hariri responded to Aur’s speech, saying he had visited him 16 times since he was appointed “with the same objective set by his superiors to accept the government of non-discriminating experts.” He said he was ready to visit him again to “discuss with him the creation that had been in his hands for several weeks and to immediately approach the announcement of the formation of the government.”

Hariri added: “If the president is unable to sign the decree to form a government of non-partisan experts capable of implementing the necessary reforms, he should try to tell the His Excellency the Lebanese: Be an obstacle to the will of the parliament that elects the president-elect, who has been blocking him for several months before the election, before the election. Reduce their pain and suffering by allowing opportunity.
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