Shock hurts WNBA legend with disgraceful plan

Shaquille O'Neal a offensé Candace Parker avec une proposition étrange sur la WNBA

There is a little controversy for Shahul O’Neill for every project. After a bold new statement about Jazz, Diesel decided to get the WNBA. Before him, he had the legend of Candace Parker, who did not particularly appreciate the words he spoke!

If the NBA is a reference globally, the WNBA has been struggling to impose itself on the media world … if only the Women’s League could see an increase in its audience during epidemics, the figures are from men in light years. So inevitably, some are looking for solutions to give more exposure to these talented players.

On the plateau of Postcom Show On TNT, Shahul O’Neill Came up with the “Silver Bullet” solution to turn the WNBA into a big show. The idea undoubtedly came from a well-intentioned, but legendary Candus Parker apparently did not appreciate … It starts to do a lot after their little breakdown in Big and Roll !

Shahul O’Neill: The WNBA game has come close to the NBA game and I have the solution to equalize it. In beach volleyball, the net is a few inches shorter for girls. If we lower the basket, you will sink like you do, do you think it will give you a little more spectacular page?

Candus Parker: Non…

Shahul O’Neill: You already backed away, pulling back … you do everything the boys do, but I don’t see many girls going up to the basket with both hands. Do you think we should put the basket at 2m80 or 2m90?

Candus Parker: No. My next daughter I will be drowning and winning after a movement in the post I promise you!

According to Candace Parker, out of the question of insulting basketball players by reducing basketball! She intends to cultivate the sobriety of the next generation, to go and tear the circle over 3 meters high! If her daughter gets her genes, she will have every chance to succeed. Because as a reminder, Parker is the second woman in history to be immersed in a match!

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WNPA players have to deliver more than tons they have Some basics that should inspire some NBA players and some movements that have nothing to envy the best ball handlers!

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