Is the mystery of Omumua finally solved?

In 2017, for the first time, astronomers had the opportunity to observe objects coming to us from another star system. He was invited Omuvamuwa His visit sparked an emotional debate among scientists.

Some thought they could go For an alien study, Mainly due to the unusually elongated shape of the object. At one point, even an object He unexpectedly accelerated what could not be explained by scientists. Recently, however, new studies have emerged to help solve the mystery of the Omuwamuwa building, the portal writes. Scientific warning.

A comet or an asteroid? No.

These studies were published in the American Geophysical Union and are called Omuvamuwa May be part of a smaller planet, Which must be in another star system.

“We can reasonably confirm that Omuvamuwa is part of a planet similar to Pluto,” said Steven Desh, an astronomer at Arizona State University.

Scientists believe there was a cosmic collision that struck the planet half a billion years ago, from which the substance Omuvamuwa was later broken. After this collision, Omuwamuwa took this path, which took him to our solar system, through which the object flew. As he approaches our sun, he can increase the speed due to the sun. Melted the ice on its surface. Comets operate on the same principle.

However, the Omumuwa material was also accelerated as it left our solar system. The scientists decided what kind of ice would melt to suit the observations of the Omumuwa object. They were able to find this snow Can be formed from nitrogen, Which is located on the surface of Pluto, but Neptune is one of the moons Triton.

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Researchers in the new study also suggest that the nitrogen compound may explain the special shape of the material. They say that as the nitrogen layers evaporate, its shape gradually flattens out. Like soap worn by friction. Still, some think it might be an alien study. However, this alternative is very limited. The 2019 study looked at data from the Omwamuwa facility, which found no evidence that it was the work of extraterrestrial intelligence. Still, you They can not explain the mysterious acceleration, They recorded when the object left our computer.

In any case, this is a subject that is very specific and raises many questions.

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