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Create “culture”. Beyond the Atlantic. At the initiative of Julian Worley, former business development director of France Televisions (2017-2019), streaming French channels are expected to appear in the United States in the second quarter. It relies on more than 2000 hours of content linking to movies, series, documentaries, animated series, magazines, live shows, etc., with the aim of providing a “premium” selection of the best French audiovisual works. At the same time, the site will provide direct access to “a French view of international news” via the France 24 news channel (in French and English). On the access page, the French channels will be available by subscription on all proprietary sites (web, iOS, Android) and distributed by US partners such as Rogue or Storm, a new site launched by former Disney President Michael Eisner. “Other distribution partnerships will be announced soon,” a statement said.

Bertrand Mehood, chairman of the Board of Supervisors

In a seemingly congested streaming marketplace, the platform is ambitious and relies on fundraising by Vitis, a high-tech subsidiary of the Netgem Group, and specializes in promoting complete media solutions. -2015) Former President Bertrand Mehut and Julian Verley, Head of Channel Channels. Mr. According to Mehroo, “Francophones, Francopiles and moviegoers have a significant potential in the United States. On average, more than 5 million Americans come to France each year. This original offer will then be easily reflected in other geographies of the world. ”

Content with subtitles in English will be offered to subscribers at 99 6.99 per month, Julian Worley told AFP. “Collection of Contents” Subtitles in French to help learn French, or Mr. “1.5 million Americans,” according to Worley. The French channel will only provide dubbing content when it is already in English, there is no way yet to create dubbing on the platform, he said. The President hopes to extend his opportunity to other countries, primarily English speaking, “within 12 to 18 months”.

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