Rahon. Why Jura’s Rivers Inhabit North American Salmon

Rahon.  Why Jura's Rivers Inhabit North American Salmon

Credit Robinet was overjoyed at the catch this Saturday, March 13 in Rahon. A 35cm model, with a pink belly, observes, “I was looking for a brown trout, I never thought I’d pick a salmon.”

His favorite fish in Orion is a brook salmon or brook trout.

“There is no salmon in the Jura because it’s not part of the bisculture of the Rh படுகne Basin, salmon is mainly in the Atlantic Basin,” commented Guarantees of the French Office’s Department of Service There were leaks of fish in the Rahon field before fishing, and some fish were brook salmon. “

“The species is most widely introduced outside its original range (USA or Canada), explains Mehdi El Betta, head of the technical pole of the Jura Fisheries Federation.

It’s “just a fountain salmon” but it doesn’t detract from the beautiful catch made by the young fisherman on Saturday afternoon. “I’m looking for wild fish,” he explains. On Saturday morning for the opening, I caught four brown trout on top of Brenn. “Also, in Orin, near his home, he has a ‘good place’ he would not hesitate to share. Lone Top Fish” is a natural bait and allows practically hook rotation over a long period of time. “

This young man has been interested in fishing since he started training with his father when he was 4 years old. “From the moment I’m on the edge of the water, I’m fine, it’s calm. Beautiful fish like that make you happy. It’s put back in the water like everyone else. As soon as it’s time to take a photo.

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