Australia: 22 athletes pre-selected for the Tokyo Olympics

Australia: 22 athletes pre-selected for the Tokyo Olympics

22 opals have been selected to take part in a week-long training camp from March 22 to 28 in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

This list includes players who are unable to participate due to acting abroad.

There are currently no players in the Women’s League, but many have passed France (Rebecca Allen, Kayla George, Lilani Mitchell, Jenna O’Hia, Stephanie Talbot, Marianna Tolo, Sami Whitcomb).

“With team members and coaches from all over the world, we have limited opportunities to train and play together before the Tokyo Olympics,” said coach Sandy Prondello.

In Tokyo, Australia will be in Group C with Puerto Rico, China and Belgium.

Playful Association
Rebecca Allen Valencia Basket (Spain)
Jidina Aguso JCU Townsville
Sarah Flickows Jaiko Southside
Liz Combage Jayco Southside / Las Vegas Aces (WNBA)
Rebecca Cole Jaiko Southside
Katie-Ray Epsy Perth Links
Darcy Corbin Perth Links
Kayla George Deek’s Melbourne Boomers
Sheila Healing JCU Townsville
Tessa Levy Villawood Properties Pentigo Spirit
Des Madgen Deek’s Melbourne Boomers
This is Macbeth Deakin Melbourne Boomers / Seattle Storm (WNBA)
Diana Mangakahia Syracuse U. (USA)
Lilani Mitchell Geiko Southside Flyers / Washington Mystics (WNBA)
Lauren Nicholson JCU Townsville
Jenna O’Hie Jaiko Southside
Madison Rocky UC Capitals
Jazz Shelley Oregon U.S. (USA)
Alanna Smith Adelaide Lightning
Stephanie Talbot Adelaide Lightning / Seattle Storm (WNBA)
Marianna Dolo Capitals U.C.
Sami Whitcomb Galatasaray (Turkey) / New York Liberty (WNBA)

Photo: Liz Campege (FIBA)

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