American Utopia: David Byrne sings his America – Cinema

Note: 5/5

David Byrne reiterates his many successes, including those imagined in Talking Heads (“Once in a Lifetime”), when a group of musicians play their instruments on stage, without background! This extraordinary musical moment is enriched by rocker’s steadfast sides to climate change, the need to vote (the show was filmed before the US presidential election) and local racism.

David Byrne reaffirms his hope for a better future if he agrees to question himself. Spike Lee’s capture demonstrates the power of the scenic device (magical dance, refined sets, plain clothes and elegant lights), especially the cover of the song “Hell You Dolumbout” by Janelle Mone, whose lyrics are the names of African Americans killed by police.

David Byrne’s other well – filmed show, Stop Stopping, was produced by Jonathan Dem and released on DVD in 1984. A generous artist who invites us to be brilliant in these happy, lively and profound hobbies.

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