A catastrophic fire linked to global warming for a year

A catastrophic fire linked to global warming for a year

Like the United States The fire is spreading in the west, Many countries have recently been devastated by fires caused by the impact of global warming, but uncontrolled burns.


Between January and August, wildfires affected 121,318 km2 in Brazil, including 34,373 km2 and 18,646 km2 in the Amazon region. The fire begins in June / July each year with a dry season and lasts until October. They are mainly caused by traditional burns, which are often out of control, due to an exceptional drought in Pantanal this year.

In Brazil, deforestation and illegal fires are destroying the Amazon © Photo credit: CARL DE SOUZA AFP

Also questionable is the removal of remnants of previous year’s tree felling, in particular On Amazon, almost all fires are illegal. In 2019, a fire in the Amazon once again caused a stir around the world, sparking criticism of the far-right President Jair Bolsanaro’s environmental policies. The latter declared a fire that would destroy the Amazon rainforest in mid-August a “lie”.


The delta of the Argentine River Paran, one of the world’s most powerful and biodiversity hotspots, has been gripped by unprecedented wildfires since the beginning of this year, affected by a devastating drought.

In total, the fire affected eleven of the 23 Argentine provinces, destroying about 120,000 hectares. According to the Ministry of Environment, 95% of wildfires are man-made: poorly extinguished cigarette butts, campfire, abandoned land and burns. Lack of rainfall, high temperature, low humidity or strong winds all contribute to their spread.


From late 2019 to early 2020, Wildfires devastate Australia The area, which is affected by a greater drought than Portugal, has killed about 30 people and displaced or killed nearly three billion animals. These are the longest and most comprehensive pushfires in the modern history of the country. According to scientists, their intensity is responsible for the impact of global warming.

Australia suffered a setback in December 2019 when they set a record
Australia suffered a setback in December 2019 when they set a record © Photo Credit: Peter Parks AFP

The crisis sparked new calls for the Conservative government to act quickly against global warming, including reducing the country’s coal dependence. According to available statistics, Australia had the hottest and driest year in 2019, hitting a record 41.9 degrees in December.


This summer the Air Forest Conservation Service conducted at least 43 fires on Russian territory, covering more than 43,000 hectares, mainly in the Yakutia region. More than 380,000 hectares destroyed by fires have not been affected by the fire, and the government’s policy is not to fight eruptions in the most isolated areas through Siberia’s vast uninhabited forests.

The policy drew criticism last summer when smoke came from some of Siberia’s most populous cities. President Vladimir Putin finally sent troops to put out the blaze, which burned more than 3.2 million hectares.

According to the European Copernicus Service on Climate Change, major fires in Siberia this summer were favored by temperatures above 5 ° C above normal for seasonal conditions and lower than normal soils. They emitted recorded emissions of CO2, a greenhouse gas.


Indonesia, In 2019 a major fire broke out in the forests of the islands of Sumatra and Borneo :

The fire often starts to produce layers for agriculture, such as palm oil plantations, but eventually goes out of hand.

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