Note: The meteor shower with the Virgin can be clearly seen at the end of the afternoon. Two meteors per hour with clear skies

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The meteor shower with the Virgin will be seen in our area in the future. By the end of Sunday afternoon, the meteor shower will be better visible, VirNL reported.

The Virginia meteor shower is visible in the atmosphere for a total of about 32 days. The best chance to see this is at 5pm on Sunday. According to, the weather seems to be cooperating, with more places getting drier in the afternoon, with more clarifications.

With clear skies, two meteors are visible per hour, although it is not yet dark. However, you can see the meteorite.

The speed of the Virginia meteorite is very low, at 14 miles per second or nearly 83,000 kilometers per hour. Sometimes you can see slow fireballs; A meteorite with spectacular flares.

High pressure area

Asteroids can be seen in the coming days as well. Under the influence of the nearby high pressure area, there will be regular clarifications in the coming evenings and nights, and it will be dry.

Meteors are popularly known as shooting stars, but they are small pieces of rock and grid that penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere from space at high speeds. Due to the enormous friction that then arises, the air begins to glow around the stone or grid, and we see a glowing band in the sky on the ground: a shooting star.

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