Adrian Jung – The American Negro: The Question of Racism in the United States

Cover American NegroIt refers to the dark hours of persecution experienced by African-Americans until the early 20th century, revealing the content: a firm and militant album that has its roots in Great Black music.

Adrian Jung © Artform Studio

About his new album, Adrian Jung Announces: ” American Negro Describes the uncompromising critique of a system of oppression of people of color in the United States, the decisive malicious method and attitude. This new project breaks down the hidden mechanisms of a form of blind racism, using music as a medium capable of restoring the dignity and self-esteem of African Americans like me. »

Adrian-Jung-The-American-NegroAdds Black History Month, Exit American Negro From producer and multi-instrumentalist Adrian Jung – Author of the series Jazz is dead In the companyAli Shaheed Muhammad (We talked recently – goes further by presenting his album at the same time, including the podcast he is interviewing Chuck D. (Common enemy), Ladybug Mecca (Planets that can be drilled), Keane Harold, Michael Jay White (Invisible blackness Exclusive to Amazon Music) and a short film TAN.

But to be honest, American Negro Didn’t find much in terms of music. If the speech is sexy and militant, if it has a thin groove of poetic and soulful beauty, it is indebted to the interest shown in it for its colorful speech, which preserves the injustices and racism experienced by people of color in the United States, failing to deliver any musical innovation, as its creator suggested … Georgia Anne Multro Go further in a similar approach.

American Negro Undoubtedly a beautiful album, with sophisticated old school arrangements and a fighting speech, we greatly appreciate its approach, but it does not satisfy me personally the question of music risk. A project that pays homage to its global approach above all else.

Roland Torres

Adrian Jung – American Negro
Label Jazz is dead
Release Date: February 25, 2021

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