Strange sign on car door warns of great danger - news from ak - Curiosity

Strange sign on car door warns of great danger – news from ak – Curiosity

Often the headline about kidnapping people and selling them into slavery seems to be a distant story from the news or movies. This certainly will not happen to anyone in the 21st century, but statistics show otherwise. That’s why women on social networks try to share life hacks and tips on how not to get into a horrible situation.

For example, a user of Dictok Ice.Lemon.Water in New York, USA, posted a video in which he left a parking lot. The woman drew the attention of the audience to the fact that a wire was injured in the door handle of one of the cars that was difficult to remove, the bored Panda P.L.I.C.

At first ice.lemon.water thought it was a joke, but then she noticed the same wire, but in a different car. She thought it would be nice to leave sooner, but the subscribers did not understand her panic.

@ ice.lemon.water

We thought it was a joke at first until we found a second one ## fyp ## For you ## foryoupage ## I’m scared ## Viral ## is popular ## BoseAllOut

Ary scary – background sounds

But Reese, also known as Achunkikui, explained everything in detail. He says such a surprise is often a sign that the kidnappers are watching you. They spin the wire around the door handle, and when the victim tries to cut it off (which takes a long time), they attack it. So, Reese tells all the girls who see signs of criminals in their car to go to where they were before and find a mate for the car. Being alone in moments like this is very inevitable.

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