Mario Vargas Losa, Bordeaux-Parole

Mario Vargas Losa, Bordeaux-Parole

Mario Vargas Losa, Madrid, May 2019.

Return to a life (continued). Mario Vargas Losa, the 85-year-old (March 28) Nobel Prize for Literature and relentless author of the news, concludes his autobiography, launched in 1993 Fish in the water (In 1995 Calimard published almost all of his books, and was translated by the faithful Albert Benzosan). In this book, the Peruvian writer Spanish highlights two key events in his existence: his youth in South America until his departure for Europe in 1958, and the Peruvian presidential campaign, the candidate for leader of the Democratic Front Coalition, who lost to Alberto Fujimori in 1990.

A quarter of a century later, in Call of the Tribes, Mario Vargas Losa explores an ideological part of his journey. A former supporter of Fidel Castro, he explains how his ideas gradually changed over the course of his life, from communism to liberalism, and how his readings – Camus, Orwell, Kostler – helped him. “To Reevaluate Democracy”. Tribute to the great liberals who represented his thought from Adam Smith to Raymond Aaron, he describes how liberalism, for him, sounded like the end of 20th century utopianism.e In his view, the century and analysis examines the link that unites liberalism and democracy. “Despite the appearances, He insists, This is an autobiography, I will find my own story. “ Intellectual portrait of Vargas of Losa. Or vice versa.


Life, literature and politics in Mario Vargas Losa make up a great whole. Three strands of the same knit, very tightly braided, one will not go without the other. This is why he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010: “For a map of power structures and his sharp pictures of personal resistance, rebellion and defeat.” Writing is life, acting, resisting, thinking “MVLL”. In In reading and appreciating fiction (2011), his Stockholm conference, tells how he drowned Worse, The injustice done to Jean Valjean and this childish feeling will never leave him – or his admiration for Hugo, wonderfully expressed Testing the impossible (2008). At a very young age, he begins to rewrite the stories he morally wants “Fix the result”. In Lima, he rejected repression and inequality after reading the 1948 coup d’tat of General Otria – then 12 years old – communist militant John Waldin. “In eight Odrist years, my hatred of dictators of all lines was born in me – I believe, which is one of the rare constants of my political approach.” Thus, from the very beginning, his opinion of literature was stamped. From his first collection of short stories, The Gates (1959), for his recent works such as Goat Festival (2002) In the Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic, or Celtic dream (2011), on the atrocities committed in the Congo under Leopold II, Vargas Losa will not stop paying homage to man’s ability to rebel. Especially for literature, it is a dream tool to express its ability to transcend and create. In the 2008 World of Books, he said: “I do not agree with how detailed and sophisticated literature can be. If it is entertainment, it must be complex entertainment.”

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