Basel Peter Exceptional Talent – Mathematical genius from Alsville won gold at the Olympics

Basler Zeitung

18-year-old Yanda Wang solves integrated tasks in minutes. Can one of your entry level tasks be distorted?

Young people interested in mathematics meet at the Olympics.

They are:

«I can send you the introductory task for the quizagt Yanda Wang and laughs. “Each of the right tasks at the Olympics takes an hour, and they are very complex.” 18 years old Not only did this warm-up work right, but so did everyone else. He recently won gold for the second time in a row at the Mathematical Olympiad – eA good record with three participants in total.

Math exams are not a stomach ache for Yanda Wang, they are a pleasure.

Math exams are not a stomach ache for Yanda Wang, they are a pleasure.

Photo: Julia Swamporn

In Mathematical Olympiad Can Young people from all over Switzerland who measure themselves interested in mathematical exchange. The tournament includes several rounds and numerous preparatory meetings and a weekly camp for finalists. Tasks Each is divided into four categories: algebra, integration, geometry and number theory. Most of these are not conducted with the same attention in regular high school classes.

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