America’s first dyehouse against Japan, China

America's first dyehouse against Japan, China

Bringing Hong Kong’s heels and anger against Taiwan are just some of the international lessons that Tokyo will have a voice on the international stage.


Prime Minister Yoshihide Suu Kyi will be the first foreign leader to meet with Joe Biden in the United States in April. “If circumstances permit”. Okinawa (southern Japan)’s military bases covering the entire Asia-Pacific region are one of the “fax Americana” bends in the region. In return for its hospitality, Japan benefits from the US nuclear umbrella, which is the best life insurance against Chinese risk. “Solid as a Rock”, Indestructible, “Stronger than ever”At each meeting, Japan and the United States compete with their superiors to promote their military alliance. But it takes a new turn. Yoshihide Suka was in a virtual meeting with his Australian, Indian and American counterparts from Quad on Friday, China, the regional quartet of the United Democrats united by a common concern.

On the economic side, the archipelago delights in being with its dynamic neighbors, with whom it grows a trade surplus of components and sophisticated products.

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