Sister: A new boss for North America

Sister: A new boss for North America

(AOF) – Sister Advisory Committee on Engineering and R&D Services

The movement announced the appointment of Quality Shioran as CEO of North America. The appointment is an important step in coordinating the Group’s position in North America, an essential geographical area for the overall support of its clients.

In this role, he will be responsible for leading teams in the United States and Canada, and will further develop the team’s presence in India, which has been identified as a key country to expand Akka’s capabilities globally.

Quality Shioran will primarily focus on accelerating business operations with high value added to engineering solutions and digital solutions, transforming our offerings and increasing our margins. He will also focus on developing the group’s presence in the region.

Quality Shioran has over fifteen years of experience in various leading roles in Europe, US and India at Wipro Limited, a global IT, consulting and engineering services company.

His last stake in Wipro Ltd was as the global leader in the automated vertical division. Quality Shioran previously oversaw the aerospace and defense sector and led the strategy and major contracts for the manufacturing and high-tech sector.

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Jobs at risk

According to the Digital Cast Professional Association (Syntech Numeric), the decline in performance is expected to reach 4.6% by 2020. However, the end of this year was very mild for professionals. Based on the tender and order book the situation has improved slightly since September.

Technical consultants are particularly affected by 2020, which records a 12.3% drop in their performance. In fact, they are most prevalent in the two sectors affected by the health crisis, civil aeronautics and automobile. The risk of job cuts in technical consulting is enormous. Syntec Numérique estimates the risk levels at this location at 10,000.

Very cautiously, professionals expect a 1% return to the sector by 2021.

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