Sarah Everett: The case of her disappearance in the middle of the street in London is causing a stir across the UK

Sarah Everett: The case of her disappearance in the middle of the street in London is causing a stir across the UK

On March 3, Sarah Everett went missing on her way home from London. This Friday, March 12, British police confirmed the body of a 33-year-old woman.

Nowadays, his name is everywhere on social networks and media. Sarah Evert He went missing after leaving his friends’ house in London’s Club County to return home. About 50 minute walk. At 9:30 pm on March 3, the 33-year-old decided to return to his home district of Brixton. Along the way, there is Sarah Everett Mysteriously disappeared And did No sign of life In several days …

The sad news was finally announced this Friday, March 12th. It has been confirmed by the British policeGot a body This is the 33-year-old British. “The body was found and properly identified. I can confirm that this is Sarah Everest’s body“, Deputy Commissioner Nick Epgrave said in a statement The sun. The body was found In a Kent County tree, In the southeast of England.

Suspected member of the London Metropolitan Police

One arrested on suspicion of murder and kidnapping: 48-year-old Wayne Cousins, a police officer. It comes a few days after Sarah Evara’s disappearance Police did not act or stop Wayne Cousins ​​after being told they did Indecent crime, February 28, at a McDonald’s in south London. Sarah Everett disappeared and His feminist murder Have occurred A strong emotion Across the channel. Many women shared their irritability and anger at the threats of being a woman on a daily basis, and shared experiences of being bullied by men.

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