Why take this notice with salt grain

La mesure du ministère des Affaires étrangères prise ce jeudi 11 mars concerne avant tout les familles expatriées dans les 7 pays listés.

DECRYPTION – No “compulsory reason” to travel to Japan, Australia or the United Kingdom anymore. Today’s announcement is surprising because these countries maintain strict access conditions for tourists, which they simply do not deny.

After all, wisdom is the mother of virtue. We will have to wait a while before boarding the first flight to Tokyo or Tel Aviv. The foreign ministry said on Thursday that the conditions for departure to seven non-EU countries would be relaxed until Friday, March 12. There is no need for one “Forced reason”So, for travelers and fromAustralia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, The New Zealand, United Kingdom and Singapore. Reason given: “The widest distribution of the British variant in France” And “Specific health status of these countries”.

From there until you see a blank check to go around the world, only one step can be crossed. On closer inspection, the health condition of some of these countries is so worrying that it is simply not possible to travel there because of the closed borders. Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore do not accept tourists in their region. South Korea, for its part, has largely denied access to French nationals, who now have to apply for a short-term visa (request subject to medical certificate issuance), submit a PCR test less than 72 hours before departure, and upon arrival, “A special immigration procedure that does not shake them for 6 to 24 hours or more”.

So the Foreign Ministry’s announcement is surprising, especially when it comes to a call “Restrict international travel as much as possible” It sounds like a paradoxical restraining order.

The move is not an incentive to resume tourism in any way.

An action for foreigners who do not say their name

Connected Figaro, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was keen to clarify. “This move is by no means an incentive to resume tourism or a revival of the international movement. , We warn. After all, before explaining that allowing expatriates living abroad to resume a normal life is a question: “ The decision to impose compulsory grounds on countries outside European countries on December 29, 2020, caused major obstacles for French communities and bilateral couples abroad. By eliminating these compelling reasons, a French family living in Singapore can return to France without justification. “ Foreign Secretary Jean-Baptiste Lemoin tweeted today that the “French people living abroad” were the only ones affected by the relaxation. Except that they are not mentioned in the press release of the Ministry… is actually very confidential.

“This move allows the French to leave their country, but not to enter Singapore.”, Warns the City State Tourism Office and condemns a decision “ஒருதலைப்பட்சம்”, Taken “Without advice”. “If a French person wants to go to one of the seven countries, he does not have to justify himself to the border police at the time of his departure. Then, it is not up to us whether he can enter the territory or not, but the state decisions in that place and the conditions used (isolation, isolation in a hotel). So we did not consider leisure travel, but rather necessary travel. ”, Trying to clarify the ministry.

So, you can leave France to go to Japan, but that is not to say that the country allows you to enter … “It seems predictable that we’ve going to spend the weekend in the United Kingdom.”, In short, practical, British Tourism Office.

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