Why are there Indians in India and America?

Why are there Indians in India and America?

There are 3 explanations, as usual only one is correct:

Answer 1) Christopher Columbus was looking for a way to India by sea, and with him came real Indians from India. ! They were the ones who, along with others, immigrated to the New World and gave birth to many tribes of American Indians.

Answer 2) On landing, Christopher Columbus saw the locals, whose skin color reminded him of the Indians he had explored before.. He called them “Indians” because of their similarities and similarities.

Answer 3) Not in the United States, first, on the Caribbean island, in present-day San Salvador, Columbus was induced to be on an island outside India That he knew better. So in his letters to the King and Queen of Spain it is very natural that he speaks of the Indians!

Christopher Columbus only discovered America

Correct Answer Answer 3! By landing on the island of present-day San Salvador, Christopher Columbus firmly believed that he had found a new way to India. Until now, we had to land all over the African coast, then cross the Cape of Good Hope and finally land in India, Europe, all the way south-southwest. It was the hell of a trip!

Contrary to popular belief, there was already a consensus that the earth was roundTherefore, this is not a problem of the map, nor is it an error of the earth itself. During and after Columbus, this was the position of the Earth in the solar system. For pride and coincidence religious reasons, many scientists thought that the earth, the perfect divine creation, was the center of everything, so inevitably the sun, stars and other planets orbited the earth. Until the beginning of the 17th century the sun centered with Copernicus and Galileo, the sun finally imposing itself on the center, not effortlessly.

But back to Columbus: If we knew the earth was round, we wanted to have evidence for it : Evidence other than the casting of the Earth’s shadow cast (hence rounded) on the moon in particular, knowing that it was Aristotle who discovered it before Jesus Christ in 350! It started today.
So Columbus and his contemporaries said to themselves: If the earth is round, and you reach the Indies by traveling west, you will inevitably fall on the Indies, you will have to go east, in the opposite direction! This is what Christopher Columbus does. So it will cross the Atlantic. But instead of falling into an ocean later called the Pacific, India will bathe in an ocean, which will come to an unknown continent: it will be North America and South America below. You know the rest of the story.

In the upcoming question about getting out of bed, I will explain why America is called America.

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