Walmart is hosting a new event at Dictok: “Spring Shop-Along: Beauty Edition”

Walmart is hosting a new event at Dictok: "Spring Shop-Along: Beauty Edition"

At the end of 2020, Walmart partnered with Dicto to launch its first livestream event on stage. The first definitive test to push Walmart Refresh the experience. As explained Tech Crunch, 9pm tonight (Washington time) Walmart Lancerra Lay Spring Shop-Along: Beauty Edition. Dictoc is a live format aimed at showcasing creators and influence in an hour-long live stream.

Walmart finds its account in Dictoc

Allowed Walmart to live first in December Increase your community by 25% on Dictok. A Walmart spokesman said: “We are pleased to receive 7 times more views than expected. We have increased the number of Dictoc followers by 25% since the first event. We are also satisfied with the fluidity of the payment experience.”.

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Promoting results prompted the retail company to try the experience again. Walmart has already announced the first influence to appear on the show. This is KP Morrison (Ab Cabimore). He has more than 3.5 million followers on Dictok. Many brands will be offered on 60 Minute Live: NYX, Maybelline, The Lip Bar, Bliss, Kim Kimble or Marc Jacobs Perfumes.

People who watch the show live will benefit from the beauty tips, and they can Purchase products supplied directly from the Dictoc app, While live. Blake Sandley, president of Dictoc Global Business Solutions, said in a statement: “Brands have found a unique place in Dictoc to create content that speaks to their community and encourages engagement. This is a great way to discover new products.

This event opens the way for new opportunities

The livestream experience is increasingly popular among brands according to Dictok. Blake Sandley adds: “We look forward to continuing to develop innovative ways to facilitate the buying journey from innovation, and we can see brands like Walmart bringing their creativity to users.”.

Walmart was even reluctant to invest in Dictoc when Trump wanted to ban social networking from the US network. Retail company Strongly believes in the potential of this site. A sale has been suspended since Trump left. This joint venture is not directly linked to the relationship it could create with Walmart Dicto. At the time of the talk for a possible purchase.

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Walmart Marketing Director William White recently explained: « This event opens the way for new opportunities. This should allow us With the help of fashion-loving Dictoc designers, we can reach new customers while delivering our own hobbies ”.

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