Tensions between London and Brussels over the situation in Northern Ireland

Tensions between London and Brussels over the situation in Northern Ireland

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London on March 3.

It should not be long. The decision has been made, and twenty-seven have given their assent, but the EC’s lawyers want to make an indescribable copy because an object is flammable. In the coming days, the EU executive will take double action against the UK, which it believes violates their divorce agreement.

It has been three months since London and the European Union (EU) went separately, and already the two former partners are ready to face each other before the judges. Boris Johnson’s government unilaterally adjourned the case for six months until March 3, at the end of March, on a planned policy to impose tariffs on agricultural food products between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Under Brexit, the United Kingdom and the European Union were no longer part of the same customs union. But in order to honor the peace agreements between Dublin, London and Belfast, and to ensure that the British province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are not separated by borders, London and Brussels “Northern Irish Protocol”, Restrictions between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“The duty of good faith”

Following the unilateral decision in London, the Commission’s Deputy Chairman Maros Sefkovic issued a condemnation. Violation Planned arrangements. And recalled “The duty of good faith” Prior to the agreement between London and Brussels, at Christmas 2020, a post-Brexit agreement was reached on the amortization agreement to settle the divorce terms.There is January.

In this context, Brussels will initiate two procedures. The first is the violation procedure provided “Northern Irish Protocol” Maybe Violation : The European Commission will send a formal notice to London. If the British do not back down, the case could go to EU court.

The second refers to the process “The duty of good faith” The withdrawal was made to former partners in the contract. Brussels will initially send a letter to London seeking a political solution. If this fails, the Commission can take the matter to an arbitral tribunal and seek tariff sanctions against the United Kingdom. If this approach allows a solution to be found, Brussels can always put an end to the practice of infringement.

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