His movie about the murders of Tobak and Piggy is coming!

His movie about the murders of Tobak and Piggy is coming!

Mentioned since 2017, The city of lies, The name of Johnny Depp’s next film, based on the 2 Pack and Piggy Smalls murders …

Shooting though The city of lies, The new thriller featuring Johnny Depp, has been completed since 2017 (we already found a teaser in November 2019), The film will initially screen in theaters from March 19, 2021, and then, in the second phase, will be available on video-on-demand platforms. The delayed release of the film, directed by Brad Furman, was mainly due to the American director having some financial problems with his production company, Open Road Film. But that’s not all since we learned that a lawsuit has been filed against the star Caribbean island pirates. In fact, this Johnny Depp would have committed a violent act against a member of the technical staff The city of lies. A new red cross on the table in disgrace to Johnny Depp, who was already shot in November 2020 Fantastic animals, After losing another lawsuit against the British newspaper The Sun, portrayed him as an abusive husband to his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Official City of Lies

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Chick Knight is once again charged with the murders of Piggy and Tobag!

The Dubak and Piggy murders are even more confusing

The city of lies So the murders will focus more on the ambiguity of Toobak Shakur and the bad PIG. Johnny Depp, who plays the famous investigator Russell Poole, will lead the investigation into their murder. In 1997, Detective sought to unravel the gray areas surrounding the 2 most famous murders in the American game.. In this film, a journalist, played by Forrest Whittaker, is haunted by the demons of the past when he suggests resuming the investigation after 20 years. As the trailer of the film makes us understand, this new investigation will be an event for the police officer and the journalist.

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