The National Guard will remain in Capitol until the end of May


The work of the National Guard, which has been mobilized since the invasion of pro-Trump capital in January, was initially scheduled to end on March 12.

The Pentagon on Tuesday announced a two-month extension of the task of guarding the Capitol, which was handed over to thousands of U.S. National Guard soldiers after Donald Trump supporters’ January 6 attacks. Nearly 2,300 players will be mobilized by May 23, half of the current strength.

Capitol has been under tight security since Jan. 6, when thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered at the base of the US Congress headquarters following Donald Trump’s speech. Several hundred of them violently attacked the building and caused chaos. Five people were killed, including a Capitol police officer.

Preventive Capital

Since then, barricades have been set up to protect the area around the Capitol, and National Guard soldiers have rallied in support of the police, but their mission will end on March 12.

“During this additional period, the Department of Defense will work with Capitol Police to gradually reduce the presence of the National Guard,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

The Ministry of Defense announced last week that it had received a formal request from the police in charge of Capitol’s security to pursue the assistance of the National Guard, regardless of whether the request was compatible with specific risks.

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