No decision against Australia – AstroGeneca – RNT

No decision against Australia - AstroGeneca - RNT

Brussels. The European Union (EU) has defended Italy’s decision not to transfer the large shipment of AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia. He said the move was not aimed at Australia, but would ensure that the manufacturer delivered the promised quantity to EU countries. European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer said on Friday: “The EU is a major exporter of vaccine dosages.”

The environment is the conflict between the EU and AstraZeneca because the manufacturer has delivered far lower quantities than promised. With the initial order of 80 million doses in the first quarter of the year, the team is struggling to deliver half. Exports of 250,000 cans were halted on Thursday at the request of Italy. This is the first time the export control system introduced by the EU at the end of January has forced pharmaceutical companies to fulfill supply obligations.

France supports Italian action

Australia called the EU decision disappointing and frustrating. The world is now moving to an unnamed region, so it should come as no surprise that some countries are playing by the rules of the game, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham told Sky News Australia on Friday. He recalled how frustrated the move was in other parts of the world, “compared to the good situation we see here, even in Australia.”

The country has received 53.8 million doses of the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. Of these, 50 million will be manufactured in Australia in association with Melbourne-based biopharmaceutical company CSL.

Meanwhile, in Europe, France jumped with Italy. If necessary, it can do so and prevent vaccine exports. In an interview with PFMTV, French Health Minister Oliver Warren said: “Believe me, the more I take, the happier I am as health minister.” He said France and its European partners were confident that contracts with vaccine manufacturers would be ratified.

Only eleven million Europeans have full vaccine coverage

Similarly, EU spokesman Mr Mamer said: “We are working with companies to ensure that they deliver the prescribed amount to the EU. Not all companies that do this have an export problem.” We hope so, and we intend to deliver the agreed levels ”.

The EU has agreements with six different manufacturers for a population of 450 million. In total, AstraZeneca has ordered up to 400 million doses, which it has entered into agreements with other companies to deliver more than two billion doses.

However, so far only 33 million doses of the vaccine have been given and only 11 million Europeans enjoy full vaccine coverage. Despite the current problems, the European Commission hopes to be able to immunize 70% of adults by the end of the summer.

Rumors are circulating that AstraZeneca is excluding quantities from EU manufacturing plants to supply to third countries. However, this was denied by the group’s chief executive, Pascal Soriat. Disruptions are only caused by technical production issues, he said. AstroGeneca declined to comment on the latest news.

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