Lena is the best friend of limited youth situations

Influencer Lena Circumstances in Paris in June 2020 (Lena Mahaboof).

Next. Every month, the Le Monde campus meets a young man. Lena Circumstances resides somewhere in Paris, but in reality, we vowed not to give further details: the young woman did not know where to turn when she left. Among these strangers who walk around her like a friend, those who see her, listen to Selby … “It’s hunting … frankly, they have to work for the FBI!” Even with a mask, glasses, a hood, etc., I am recognized …, She laughs, the golden cub in her hand. Sometimes parents just take a picture of me with their son or daughter and they look at me and they don’t get it. They are in mode: but who is it? But madam, who are you? “

We respond to them: Lena Mahaboof, 23, in Civil Status, Influencer, event on YouTube. His “Diary of My Life” videos – which he writes, directs and edits from his living room – have consistently crossed 3 million or 4 million views on stage. This graduate of the School of Fashion Marketing has built a small media empire in three years, with formula, easy laughs, and good friends (singer Bilal Hasani, YouTubers McPhee and Carlito, her boyfriend Seb La Fried).

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Who excels in a particular art: Creating friendly devotion among teenagers and young people who follow his close confessions – 1.8 million of them subscribe to his YouTube channel (by comparison, The world Collects 980,000 subscribers…). 2.9 million to follow her on Instagram.

A devotion born out of a form that celebrates his personal success – he owes his life to partnerships with brands from Balmain to Jennifer – and recognizing his life as a Parisian, fashion, fiesta, trips to New York Someone who asks the same questions of everyone at this age of life.

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Lena Circumstances has the air to reach a new generation of YouTubers or Instagramers who will dance any day she wants “To be ugly”, His anxiety attacks (especially linked to the stress of social networking sites), provocation, dead laughter, “face game” talk about his awkward “shame” … or tell the exact sequence of texts and situations that allowed him “The Gravity of Sin”, As she says.

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