Black hole: Extraordinary long-observed particle jet

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Black hole throwing

Black hole It is being monitored by NASA for the longest distance from Earth, according to scientists, and contains an unusually long jet of particles starting from its center. NASA claims that this is the most amazing black hole ever discovered by its researchers, and that the jet of particles thrown into the universe is unusually long, described as the largest ever.

Black hole NASA is about 12.7 billion light years from Earth, so we are talking about a great distance, and we can talk about one of the oldest objects like this. The black hole, a quasar, discovered by NASA researchers, is still growing, although it is already amazing, and although it is very old, it is not so old compared to the galaxy that it is part of.

Black hole: Extraordinary long-observed particle jet

Jet NASA blowing black hole
Photo: NASA.

Black hole Discovered by NASA, it may have appeared in the first billion years of the universe, and is one of the two most powerful quasars ever discovered. Also, this black hole is 2 billion times heavier than the Sun, so we are talking about an incredibly large object, which is why NASA describes its jet flight as extraordinarily long. Too long.

“Using NASA’s Lunar X – ray Laboratory, astronomers have uncovered evidence for unusually long jet particles from a miraculous black hole in the early universe. This coming jet will help explain how they came to be.

Black hole It throws matter into the universe in a jet spanning 160,000 light years, and we are talking about a distance greater than the entire Milky Way, which is only 100,000 light years away. It is the largest jet of black holes to have appeared in the first billion years of the universe, having previously been found to be only 5000 light years away, so we are talking about a 32 times larger difference between them.

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Black hole PSO is named J352.4034-15.3373, and NASA researchers are constantly monitoring other secrets that have not yet been discovered.

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