Unferney Simon’s Sulfur Girlfriend Panics Internet Users

Unferney Simons, a young Portland Trail Blazers player who recently won a dunk competition, saw his girlfriend Pre Hudson go viral following his coronation ceremony.

Sam Forensic / Twitter (DR)

Unferney Simmons, the 2021 winner of the Dunk Tournament, does not need to thrill the web with his aerial strength. On the other hand, his girlfriend, he is a young Blazers player and generated a lot of reactions following his photos with his trophy.

The claim is beyond doubt: last year’s All-Star Weekend dunk match will not go down in history. In contrast to the mythical duels that characterize this event, it is already forgotten that Opie Dobine, Cassius Stanley and Anferni Simons saw each other in opposition. This applies to none other than the skill of the Blazers and its winner.

Despite some original dunks, his plan to kiss the curve before destroying it – in vain – like the place he tried, did not mark the audience’s memory. Fortunately, his girlfriend took care of maintaining her exaggeration, the location of two relayed Instagram posts.

On this occasion a good part of the net surfers was actually discovered, the winner of the competition was the young lady Bray Hudson who attended. He did not hide his pride in his comrade’s exploits and wanted to share it with his fans on his networks. It didn’t take long for the NBA public to get into his spell.

The most staunch supporters of the Blazers were able to see it a few months ago.A little insult from Damien Lillard towards Simons. Others were able to browse his profile, find other photos of him, and certainly envy the 21-year-old back.

The odds of young Anferni Simons following his victory in the dunk match have certainly increased, but Sulfur Pre Hudson should have seen the biggest increase in terms of followers.

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